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The Southeast Asia Television Network or The SEATV Network or SEATV, for short, was officially launched in 2010, after several years of preparations. SEATV has three major goals: education, culture, and information.

   First is education. The number priority for Cambodia today is human resource development (HRD). In this regard, SEATV has been providing its active support to education and HRD, which is to benefit the people at large.

   Second is culture. As a country endowed with great civilization and heritage, Cambodia is indeed rich with culture. In this context, SEATV’s role is to help promote the preservation, appreciation and the internationalization of the Khmer culture to benefit not only Cambodia but also the world at large. In fact, the word “culture” implies many different dimensions, which include, among others, history, heritage, custom, tradition, language, sport, architecture and design.

   Third is information. This is very  important for multimedia broadcasting in a  digital age. Today, news and information are taking place in real time, at various levels, from local to national, from regional (ASEAN) to global.  SEATV has been broadcasting regional and international news, in addition to the local and national news. Therefore, SEATV has and will continue to play an important role in providing instant real, accurate and comprehensive news and information to the public at large. As one of the gatekeepers of news and information in Cambodia, SEATV has and will continue to provide relevant news and information to serve the public goods.

   With the above-stated goals, SEATV has and will continue to improve the content of its various programs in order to better serve the needs and interests of the people and the society.

   Finally, SEATV has been working closely with the College of Media and Communications (CMC) of The University of Cambodia to help provide practical hand-on training programs to the university students, with the goal of complementing the teaching of theories in classroom.


Sleng Roleung Village, Sangkat Toek Thla, Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Tel : (+855)23 995 108
Mail : info@seatv.com.kh
Business Hours : 7:30AM - 6:00PM

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